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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having a fancy website is one thing, but to get it in front of the right people search engines need help to make sense of the content on your pages. We can help solve that problem with Search Engine Optimisation.

For example – imagine you want to write about apples. Then you’ll want to make sure that Google knows you mean the fruit and not the technology company.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or, “SEO” for short, is a term used to describe making a website easy for search engines to understand. By implementing SEO on your website, you’re able to increase your chances of ranking higher on the search results page when people type in terms related to your business.

The goal of implementing SEO on your website is to help increase both the quantity and quality of visitors that find your site through organic search results.

getting found online

Essential SEO Elements

Our Essential SEO package is perfect for smaller businesses with a limited budget. We focus on implementing the core elements of Search Engine Optimisation on your website to help enable search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! to understand the content on your pages better.


Why Do I Need SEO?

Much like an offline business requires customers to visit them in-store, you will also need people to visit your website to generate revenue for your business online.

One of the most valuable types of visitors to your website is your “organic traffic”. Organic traffic simply refers to visitors who’ve found your site by searching for a term related to your business and click on the relevant result.

Search Engine Optimisation aims to help a website appear higher in the search results. Thus, increasing the number of people who find and visit your site when searching online.

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Technical SEO Elements

Our Technical SEO package is perfect for businesses who find themselves in more competitive industries. Besides implementing the elements from our Essential SEO package, we include a variety of technical optimisations on your website to help you advance even further up the search results page.

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Our SEO Packages

Our Essential and Technical SEO packages are great for helping you get set up and found online. And, if you’re in a highly competitive industry or require an ongoing SEO strategy for your business, we’re happy to continue working with you for as long as you require.

    Competitor Research
    Keyword Targeting
    Optimise URL Structure
    Add Meta Tags
    Internal Linking
    Image Optimisation
    Set up Google Search Console
    Set up Google Analytics
    Ensure Crawlability
    Mobile-Friendly Testing
    Add Schema Markup
    Create and Submit Sitemap
    Improve Page Speeds
    Find Broken Links
    Local SEO Targeting
    Set up SSL Certificate
    Set up Redirects
    Set up Cloudflare CDN
    Per month
    Website SEO Audit
    Keyword Rank Tracking
    Strategic Content Creation
    Ongoing Keyword Targeting
    Maintain Search Rankings
    Quality Backlink Campaigns
    Monitor Competitors
    Monitor Google Analytics
    Monitor Google Search Console
    Provide Monthly Reports

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